The Gift

The wellness triangle starts with 3 sides: Social, Physical, and mental. Social is making more friends and connecting to them. Physical is maybe running the mile quicker every time. Last, mental is like giving yourself a pep talk every morning.

Communication and stress management are key if you want to stay sane. Communication strategies include deep listening, staying confident and being interesting. Some ways to deal with stress are relaxing, sleeping, and spending time with friends.

A goal for mental is staying confident. Social would be make three more friends. Last, physical would be to be able to do two more push-ups. The importance of resisting the use of alchohol, tobacco, and marijuana is huge. If you can stay away from these you can potentially save you and others around you.

Internal influences are how you are feeling, what you are thinking, and what kind of things you like. External influences are what is going on around you. This includes the environment and people around you. Inclusiveness in and out of the classroom can be classified as empathy. Empathy is  stepping into another persons shoes.

Lastly, HIV affects the bodies ability to fight off diseases. If you can't fight off diseases you may get deathly ill. You can contract HIV from unsafe sex and sharing needles.

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