Wellness Wednesday
Twitter Chats
and Weekly Themes
on Wellness

This is a work in progress, but here I will be adding links to the various Twitter Chats and Weekly Themes that we have had
at @WellWeds (Wellness Wednesday on Twitter),
along with some specific tweets from those chats ....
~Katie (@PeaceAcore - on Tackk and Twitter)

@WellWeds (Twitter) Chat on Empathy
August 26 2015
As requested by Actor and Activist,
Jennifer Beals
(@jenniferbeals on Twitter)
with @PeaceAcore (Twitter and Tackk)
as Moderator Tweeting as @WellWeds
joined by @dgohar and @petzi2404 :


Special Thanks for the
Inspiration, Support and Participation
of @jenniferbeals (Twitter)  
and to @BreneBrown for her insightful visit:


@WellWeds Twitter Chat on #Cancer
March 11, 2015
as requested by Actor and Activist,
Jennifer Beals
(@jenniferbeals on Twitter)
"Slaying Cancer(shasura)
with the Weapons
of Wisdom and Wellness"
with @PeaceAcore (Twitter and Tackk):

Click on the Images
just above and below to see
the Twitter Thread with
the Wellness Chat about
Slaying the Monster that is Cancer

Slow Medicine and Cultivating Wellness
with Dr. Michael Finkelstein
May 20, 2015:

Earth Day @WellWeds Chat:
Toxic Chemical Legislation Reform
@SaferChemicals Tweeting as @WellWeds
April 22, 2015:

Making the Right Choices to
Limit Exposure to Toxic Chemicals
with @SaferChemicals

Living the Vegetarian Lifestyle
with @petzi2404 (Twitter and Tackk)
April 29, 2015:

The Power of Mindful Breathing
with @PeaceAcore
July 22, 2015:

Photography Chat with @CanadaWise
April 19, 2015:

Living with Chronic Illness
with @ melsroom (on Twitter and Tackk
February 4, 2015:

Finding Freedom and Wellness
on the Other Side of Fear
with @PeaceAcore (Twitter and Tackk)
February 25, 2015:

Wellness and Resilience
with @PeaceAcore (Twitter and Tackk)
October 22, 2014:

Dimensions of Wellness
with @PeaceAcore (Twitter and Tackk)
September 24, 2014:

In addition to scheduled Wellness Chats,
We sometimes have
Weekly Wellness Themes:

Listening to and Living from the Heart
June 17, 2015:

The Power of Thought
June 10, 2015

Compassion and Wellness
June 3, 2015

Choice ~ Making a Difference
May 6, 2015: