Wendy Hudak - Accomplished Insurance Claims Evaluator

Throughout her career in property and casualty insurance, Wendy W. Hudak of Winston-Salem in Forsyth County, North Carolina, has demonstrated a commitment to comprehensive claims analysis and fact-based decisions. She began her career as an internal claims adjuster with MetLife Auto & Home in the community of Charlotte, where she built in-depth experience in applying coverage rules to claims of minor to moderate bodily injury. In 2000, Wendy Hudak moved on to her current role as a special claims representative for Nationwide Insurance, where she evaluates submitted serious bodily injury claims based on policy details and any applicable laws.

Experienced in communicating regularly with claimants and policyholders as well as with treating physicians and other relevant professionals, Wendy W. Hudak also works closely with defense counsel to manage any liability cases that go to trial. She has proven adept at handling claims with questionable liability and is effective in using available information to make independent decisions.

Ms. Hudak balances her client-facing work with extensive service within the company. A member of Nationwide Insurance's arbitration forums and a continuous improvement ambassador in 2014, she has also served on the company's customer service loyalty team and the 2011 North Carolina Engagement Team.