European Exploration

       Dear Lois XII, I live in Scotland and my name is Oliver M.J. Waple. I am asking you for money to fund a trip to the new world. I have put together this proposal to prove that should be able to go to the new world. I will help you claim land, get you money, and I will hopefully find new trade routes. I plan to leave on October 17, 1503.

I will go to the Cape Fear River, NC. I will go there because there might be gold there and there are tons of trees there. We will get you lots of stuff to trade and sell.

One of the things I will find you is gold and riches. it will pay for all you paid me for the trip and a lot extra. If I can not find gold and riches then I will bring back resources that you can sell to other nations. Some resources are wood, fur, steel, coal, and slaves.

If we ever get in a fight first we will try to act peacefully, but if we have to we will kick their but's. Some people we might run into are Indians, other nations, and pirates.

Some of the obstacles we will have are glaciers, storms, and pirates. We will handle these obstacles by having someone in the crows nest at all times, using sturdy, quick, and agile ships, and having at least fifteen cannons on each ship.

  So please let me go! I think I should be able to go and bring back riches for you, and be a hero for the people. Don't make the mistake of not choosing me or your enemies might get the riches. I hope you choose me and goodbye.

                                       From, Oliver M.J. Waple

                                       Period: 4


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3 years ago

Good job Oliver