Instagram the best

I will influence you that instagram is positive in my life and also others!

Instagram's cool features

There are just so many cool things about Instagram! You can edit your pictures by cropping them or adding one of the 20 filters. People edit their pictures to make them look better or to fix the picture if they don't look good. People's captions and hashtags show "what?" and the photo map says "where?" you are. Also with the new tagging feature you are able to answer "who?" is in the photo with you. Do you have a question for someones photo well with the commenting feature you are able to ask any question or just talk to the person. With Instagram you are also able to direct message people. DM (short form for direct message) is where you can send people photos to just the people you want not to everyone you follow! You can send your followers a direct message to show them a picture or to chat with them in private.

Here is a video on the best things about instagram

Why and who posts pictures

Lots of people post pictures on instagram to remember there memories with friends and family! Such as a vacation, party, amusment park etc.... Other people post pictures to show what there doing or where they are. Lots of people are very artsy and like to post things like sunsets or beaches. And others like to post sporty things or just other genres of posting. I am the kind of kid that mostly posts sporty and pictures with my friends because sports are my passion, I play many sports and because I love my friends expecially my best friend Justin who is in most of my pictures. Also another cool part about why instagram is good is that there are many celebrity's on instagram so you can see there pictures and what they do. Instagram has other cool acounts like singers, artists, athletes and MANY more!

some of the pictures i post

Here are some of the pictures I post if you want to take a look. Like I said before I mostly post pictures of me and my friends or hockeys pictures!

Getting your account all set up

When you are just starting with instagram it is so easy to just make an account and get started with posting photos and liking pictures. Give your email, make a username and password and your all set! When you have an account set up you are able to make a bio where you can tell all your followers about your self, put a inspirational quote or just say something silly! After that you can post pictures and video of wacky and creative things. So if you are not set up with Instagram, then get an account right now. It will change your life! All you have to do is click the button below and create an account. Now once you have an account you can get the free application on your IPod/IPad and phone. It is compatible with almost every device and App Store that you use. Even if you do not have one of the devices I listed you

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3 years ago

I like that your Tackk shows how Instagram is user-friendly and can show positive life experiences. Try to link some articles that support your point of view. Whenever you have repetitive phrases, try to reword them. You have a very conversational style of writing, which is inviting to the reader. Good job!