Getting Started with Desire2Learn (D2L)

What is D2L?

Personal Reasons:
Why Do We Use D2L?

R. Bains
- Very easy to set up + get started
- Many different features (e.g. news, content, assessments, communication, etc.)
- 24 hour access to course content
- Great place to direct students/other teachers for "last minute" student absences

S. Kumar
- User friendly for teachers + students
- Very versatile and can handle a number of different things
- Awesome tool for student engagement
- Paperless and environmentally conscious

K. Kaja Mohideen
- All lessons and assignments are available in an organized and accessible location
- A great tool to keep track of student progress + homework
- The option to use Dropbox to submit assignments + mark student work
- Great flexibility with timing (when handing in work

Accessing D2L

Student Information Sheet

Other Resources

Samir Chawla
- Instructional Technology Resource Teacher
- Provides support + resources to teachers using D2L in Ontario
- Guides, tutorial videos, etc.

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