Western Extrusions

Delivering High-Quality Extrusion Solutions

Among the most technically proficient manufacturers of aluminum extrusion materials in North America, Western Extrusions draws on highly advanced software and machinery to carry out customer orders according to precise specifications. Its facility in Carrollton, Texas features a full range of fabrication capabilities through its machining centers and equipment. For instance, Western Extrusions owns miter and batch saws as well as a several punch press that range from 6 to 100 tons.

Recently, Western Extrusions expanded its extrusions capabilities through the acquisition of a 5,100-ton 14-inch press that complements its 4 other presses. Together, the five presses will help the company meet its customers’ needs with greater flexibility and speed.
When Western Extrusions completes a customer’s order, it packages the product to ensure quality all the way through delivery. The company offers a variety of packaging options, including bare bundling, foam layering, paper interleaving, and stretch wrapping. Once an order is packaged, the company double-checks it for accuracy during the final loading onto flatbed carriers, which it tracks via satellite technology.