How To Get Insurance For Expensive Objects

Our insurance agents understand the importance of protecting the valuables you treasure the most, particularly those which have a particularly special or high net worth. A comprehensive valuable items insurance plan from our experts can cover a variety of property in your possession, including such items as oriental rugs, artwork, firearms, baseball cards, memorabilia, stamps, books, coins, furs, silverware, jewelry, musical instruments and much more.

Western Gold professionals provide valuable items insurance solutions to their clients; insurance products that provide the additional coverage people need to protect their important possessions as comprehensively and effectively as possible. Did you know Western Gold can provide Earthquake protection for all those values at no additional cost by adding a Personal Article Floater policy with worldwide coverage?

Our expert team seeks to put you mind at ease when it comes to protecting what you hold most dear, and to ensure you’re fully covered should something unexpected occur to the things you treasure most.

This is why the professionals at our own agency offer advice for high value possessions. People’s possessions may hold far more value than they realize, and a homeowner’s insurance policy often doesn’t provide the level or type of coverage needed to protect the owner should their valuables be subject to damage or loss.

The Western Gold team offers free quotes on valuable items insurance plans to anyone seeking more comprehensive protection of their possessions. As representatives of some of the most financially stable and reputable insurance companies in the region and the country, such as Chubb, AIG, the Hartford and more. Western Gold agents are able to bring a wide selection of great quality valuable items insurance coverage options to every client, offering unparalleled value and service to everyone in need.

Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc is a world renowned insurance institutions whose service is trusted by thousands.

Meeting Individual Needs

Insurance professionals work hard to identify the carrier(s) and policies that are right for you and your family. Our own expert's personal insurance plans provide you the confidence and security you and your family need to focus on what is really important. The types of personal insurance protection we offer include automobile, ATV, Boat and Marine, Homeowner’s, Pet Insurance, Travel Insurance, Motor Home and RV, Flood, Earthquake, Condominium, Investment/Rental Property, Valuable Items, High Net Worth, Personal Umbrella and more.

Our experts seek to learn both your short-term and long-term needs and objectives, and to put your planning and insurance needs in perspective so as to best afford you the opportunity to fulfill them. Visit an insurance company website today to receive free quotes from multiple insurance carriers. For your auto, home and personal insurance needs, you receive the services of professional agents who genuinely care about getting you the best policies at the best prices, every time.

When you choose Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. believes in providing both great products and great service, which is why our agents take the time to listen to and discuss your needs, as well as to answer any and all of your insurance-related questions. Our personal insurance products provide protection for your home, your car and your personal possessions, as well as to provide coverage of your personal liability. Our insurance products work to protect the things that matter most to you and your family, giving you the support and peace of mind you really deserve.

Builders’ Risk Policies as well as Boat and Marine Coverage

Business owners have unique needs to protect themselves both professionally and personally from the risks inherent in operating a business. In the case of those who own and operate concerns in home and commercial construction, Builders’ Risk Insurance can cover buildings currently under construction. Job site materials on site and in transit constitute a significant expense, and their loss could be catastrophic. The projected value of the land and buildings under construction require protection prior to, and after completion. Should changes occur to architect’s plans, and remodeling, renovation or new construction be necessary, coverage can be written to protect the construction business owner from loss. A Builders’ Risk policy designed by an agent at Golden West Insurance Agency Inc. is researched to ensure that all eventualities of loss for a contractor or property owner are covered.

Golden West Insurance Agency Inc. agents are also well-versed in the coverages available for marine conveyances, such as boats, yachts, powerboats, houseboats, catamarans and pontoons. Coverage can be written with the help of the Golden West agent to cover personal recreational use, charter use, or commercial use. The ideal marine policy should cover damage to the boat, and potential damage to the motor, trailer and personal items on the conveyance in question. Liability should be purchased for possible medical costs, injury to skiers and damage to hulls, and damage to other marine conveyances which may be involved in an accident event. The Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. agent is integral in preparing coverage contracts for review which compare rates and coverages.

Term, Whole, Universal and Group Life Insurance Alternatives

Term Life Insurance is generally cost effective, and covers the policy-holder for a limited number of years. If the holder lives beyond the policy period, the policy coverage expires. The premium for a term insurance policy will not increase, and there is a benefit only if the holder dies during the term of the policy, as long as premiums are current. Universal Life Insurance is flexible, with low-cost protection and a savings component invested to produce a cash value. Universal Life Insurance has a savings benefit which accumulates interest, which may be used to pay premiums, which are broken into insurance and savings. Whole Life provides permanent protection coverage. Premiums remain level for the life of the policy, and the value of the policy increases over time. Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. dispenses invaluable advice about the best choice for Life Insurance for the individual client.

Some employers want to explore the benefits of offering Group Life Insurance. When provided as part of an employee benefits package, employees gain added security for themselves and their families. Group life can include voluntary life insurance, supplemental life insurance, dependent life and accidental death and dismemberment coverage. Employers benefit in several ways when adding group life to their employee packages: the premiums for group life employee coverage may qualify as business deductions on taxes, and costs can be less than for life insurance attached to medical and health insurance for employees. Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. offers assistance in structuring the group life plan which will benefit you, and your employees.

Providing Coverage Against Loss for Earthquake Events

The insurance rates and deductibles for earthquake policies generally vary by location, probability of earthquake occurrence, whether the home is constructed of wood or brick, and other qualifications of both property structure and outbuildings, as well as interior wall construction. California’s experience with the devastation on lives and property of earthquakes is well known, with a rich history. Companies which provide insurance coverage against earthquake damage or destruction, face possible devastation themselves in the event of earthquakes, which can destroy multiple dwellings in the affected area and drain all the coverage resources of the insurance company. Nonetheless, various insurance companies offer coverage for earthquake loss, carefully structured with the help of risk management analysts. Golden West Insurance Agency Inc. agents seek out the best possible options in earthquake coverage for the home and business owner.

Residents of California buy more earthquake insurance than the citizens of any other US state. California law requires insurance companies which offer homeowners insurance to also offer earthquake insurance, and the California legislature has written in to law the stipulation that only earthquake loss which results from structural damage must be covered by the insurer, after the 15% deductible. The California Earthquake Authority allows insurers to become members and offer the ‘mini policy’ created by the legislature. Premiums paid to the insurer for the mini policy are gathered by the CEA to cover claims from earthquake loss. Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. agents are versed on all state laws and agencies pursuant to earthquake insurance.

The 1960’s Ventura Freeway Changes the Agoura Hills Region

The Ventura Freeway’s route through the heart of Agoura Hills in the 1960’s changed this colorful, sleepy village forever, opening the area up to growth, but also dividing the city in half. It wasn’t until 1982, however, that a vote was taken to establish Agoura Hills as a full-fledged city, motivated by the residents increasing discontent with untrammeled residential development allowed by Los Angeles County. However, Agoura Hills saw huge land areas subdivided for housing and overwhelming migration in the 1980’s, closely followed by commercial development of shops and restaurants which filled the downtown area. It was during this time that Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. was founded, to serve the insurance needs of Agoura Hills, and all California, residents.

Ballard Mountain and Ladyface Mountain are prominent features in the Conejo Valley of Agoura Hills, where what was once an abundant population of mountain lions has now dwindled to only seven living examples. Snakes, likewise, from the kingsnake, gopher snake, rattlesnake and garter snake are rarely seen. Hundreds of plant species live in this chapparal and woodlands region. Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. is proud of its origins in the Conejo Valley and its longevity of service to the citizens of the Agoura Hills region.

A growing instance of criminal activity among the youth of Agoura Hills, deriving from drug activity and a high incidence of petty theft, led the leading citizens of Agoura Hills to search for diversions which would be positive for youth, and a highly successful live music scene developed in the vicinity which encourages and promotes music performance. Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. supports this vibrant music scene.