How to Encourage Staying Active

A passionate athletic competitor, skilled swimmer and recreational enthusiast, our expert is always seeking out activities that help her stay in shape, prepared and focused for any challenges that may come her way. She and her husband seek to instill the importance of exercise into their children, who have already begun to plant the seeds of what may be a lengthy athletic career in youth soccer.

Our expert understands the importance of physical activity, as well as the thrill of competition, and never misses the opportunity to combine the two in order to experience a more enjoyable workout or exercise routine. Never one to miss a pick-up basketball game with friends or to back away from the challenge of yet another heart-pumping racquetball game, our expert always seems to find a fun and cathartic way to keep both her body and her mind sharp and prepared for anything. This expert was a talented athlete both in high school and in college, maintaining a strong competitive edge through constant training, exercise and preparation. She keeps herself in shape through participation in recreational activity, whether that be through an intensive, fast-paced match on the racquetball court to a breezy, challenging day managing operation of the family sailboat atop the open water.

Kristen Danyal shares her love of athletics with her family. Her husband, a basketball player in college, is always ready to take ger and the kids on in a game of horse or 2-on-2, or to challenge the kids to a race in the local swimming pool.

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