Components of a Spreadsheet

Cells-specific points on spreadsheets labeled with letters and numbers

Column-All of the cells on the vertical axis of a spreadsheet, labeled by letters

Row-All of the cells on the horizontal axis of a spreadsheet, labeled by numbers   

The axis where rows and columns meet is called a cell address. Cell address are divided into groups called a range. Once you select a cell a cell it becomes an active cell.   

What is a Spreadsheet?

A spreadsheet is a tool that is used to organize, report and calculate information. The are divided using cells, columns and rows. These are contained inside of files called workbooks.

How are these useful?

Spreadsheets are always being used in our daily lives. they are commonly used for tasks such as balancing a checkbook or calucalting a car loans

Business Tool

Spreadsheets are commons place in business. They are mostly used for determining payroll and financial statements

Cell Details

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