Livvy Blomdahl

This picture represents what happened during Dirk's presentation. What Dirk did for his interactive part of his presentation was walking but having other people support us. Even though I did it wrong and crowd surfed. The reason that I volunteered for the interactive part was because it seemed like a cool trust exercise. I have major trust issues. It's really hard for me to trust people. I'm trying to let all of it go which is the wall that's it's front of me represents. As you can see it doesn't completely cover me. Some of the bricks are broken which represents breaking my wall down. I'm trying to break wall down and not have these huge trust issues because I should be able to trust the kids in my theater class. They haven't done anything to make think that I can't trust them. Some of the people in there know some stuff that would absolutely destroy me if I came it but it hasn't. So I should at least trust to them to the extent that they won't purposefully make me look bad. I shouldn't be as guarded. At least not to my knowledge. The circle represents the new moon and the new year because this is the first year in awhile that starts with a new moon which represents change and new beginnings. So I'm trying to make the changes that I need to make.