Location for a lizard

by: Emma Stidham
Block 1

I chose this experiment because at first it seemed like it would be a fun way to spend Movement but also because I thought it sounded interesting.

For this experiment I: gathered materials, measured temperatures, recorded temperatures, and timed the experiment (1 minute= 1st trial, 2 minutes= 2nd trial), and chose 3 different angles for the cardboard oven's lid to be tilted to. I did all of this to try to find the perfect temperature for a lizard to live in.

                               Data chart                   30            60           90

               1 minute (first trial)                  30              32          30                       

              2 minutes (second trial)           32              35           32


It looked like 60 degrees was the hottest temperature over all. However, 90 degrees had the most exposure to the Sun so it should have been the hottest and since 30 degrees had the least exposure to the Sun it should be the coolest.Since the ideal temperature for a lizard to live in is 26 degrees, 30 degrees (angle) should be the best for the lizard.

                      Curiosity (side)

For curiosity, I had to write what curiosity meant to me. "Curiosity is the state of being filled with wonder and questioning." -Emma Stidham

I then wrote a paragraph about my curiosity and drew a picture of what I thought curiosity would look like. I chose this because I was curious about it

                   Cause & Effect

For Cause & Effect I made a chart with 10 different Cause & Effect relationships that we had studied this year. For example, the moon's gravitational pull, the sun's energy, and the Earth on it's axis cause tides, seasons, moon phases, and eclipses. I also had to organize these relationships into catagories I chose this because the chart looked interesting to fill out.

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