"Practice Makes Perfect."

Maureen Doyle


I believe in the phrase "Practice makes perfect",

the I'm about to get this set,

the feeling of your feet coming off the ground,

the willing power and force of your arm,

the notion of spiking the ball onto the other teams side,

Bump, Set, Spike,

But not getting a set for that perfect time sucks.

I believe in following footsteps of parents,

I believe in loving a sport,

I believe in playing till you die,

Strength, Happiness, Passion,

And I believe in getting that one good spike and that being game.

"This sport"

                “Practice Makes Perfect.” by Maureen Doyle. My credo is about the sport I love and how it makes me feel. This is my PASSION and this sport brings out the real me. During practice, I strive to be perfect, but sometimes it takes multiple practices to make a perfect ability.

                  It comes really easy to me, maybe because i’m ATHLETIC and have the ability to move and I have coordination. My family has a really big impact on this because they love this sport just as much as I do. They make sure i’m at practice on time because they want me to be able to be PERFECT and try to make the best out of that practice. I didn't create this by myself, I couldn’t have done this by myself. Ive had the help of my family to get me to practice and get to games on time, because they know how much it means to me and I know how much it means to them.

                 This is very important to me because I can actually do this and it is something that runs in my family. Some people don’t want to do things that runs in their family, but I do and I want it to keep it going forever.

                   I don’t think this will change as I grow older because it makes me happy to play this sport and makes my family happy. Hopefully my kids will grow up and be as PASSIONATE about this sport as I am because I want it to run in the family for a long time. I see this involving now because it helps with your athletic ability and you can make new friends. This might change if I brake something or maybe even die. This will shape my future not by my body but how I see things.

                 This is significant to me because it shapes my future and helps with everything i’ve learned and everything that i’ve been taught, by the saying “Practice Makes Perfect. I challenge others the play a sport, not just my sport, but sports that suits their interests, it will look good on your collage application and it will also put you in shape for other things in your life. These words, phrase, can help with a lot of different things it can help with work or art, this phrase doesn't always go to a particular sport.

by caitlynn reynolds

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