Favorite Food

My favorite food is pizza. I love it because you can get all the toppings that you want on it. It comes with different crusts on it also.

My Favorite Class

I love math because it comes easy to me. Solving equations is really easy.

Favorite Book

I really don't like reading but if I do read, I like to read funny books. The cat in the hat is a funny story like green eggs and ham.

Favorite Movie

I love this movie cause it has a great meaning. It gives you a reason that you never need to give up.

Favorite Band

I like this band because they have a great meaning to all there sings. They always relate to me in some way or another.

Favorite Hobby

I love to do arts and crafts because I have a creative side to me. I really cant draw but i love to paint and color.

Something Extra

One thing you may have not know about me is that i have two older brothers that go to Northern Nash as well.

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