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Recently, Hermes and Gucci has released a new autumn and winter 2015, the two brands this fall season, "style" very different: one like watercolor, color Seiitsu elegant, light will be determined to tell you that no matter what the season, wear comfortable and texture is Wang; the other like a weird boy, do not necessarily help everyone maintained, but that personality may make you love to hate.ルイヴィトンマルチカラーコピーWhat? Chongqing's summer has not arrived yet to see Autumn inappropriate? Stop it, this is called "trendy."

Hermes "leisure walk" new autumn and winter 2015 exhibition site, a variety of clothing items to be placed between "hills" and "woods", go on a picnic right.

■ Gucci gucci

When men are playing on the hollow lace

If the new Hermes is a watercolor, then Gucci 2015 autumn and winter series is a splendid painting.

Brand new design director alessandromichele his female ルイヴィトン財布 スーパーコピー"sexy" understood fully reflected in the details of the new season on the women's: United Kingdom Georgian birds symbolize love, commitment embroidery, pleated skirts, tortoiseshell glasses ...... These retro elements been widely applied to the women, the shape of a little weird but maverick image of women. It is worth mentioning that a 2-year hot ugly slippers also appears in the Gucci Fall Winter 2015 show floor, both male and female models who wear more than the eight children, one pair of ugly slippers foot down on the right.

The new season Gucci men just like a vampire cosplay, male model with a face cold, wearing chest with frills or hollow lace vintage shirt, enchanting demon Rao to bring a "ladies man wearing a" show . Entire men's collection is filled with loose lazy sweaters, shirts and fluttering chiffon bow ribbonシャネル財布コピー...... Of course, ordinary people if the entire copy of the series for men, it is easy to wear clothing with "buyers show" effect, but start with a few pieces a single product for dotting is good. Such as new water mink slippers decorated with cool bright spots; colorful chiffon shirt as the ride a try; the best control should be double-breasted coats, waist uniform jacket such single product as long as sufficient altitude, whether it be little meat or "cooked millet" are fashionable up every minute.

The new calf harnais backpack

■ Hermes hermes

It is time for a wide leg pants

Last week, Hermes 2015 new autumn and winter series preview in Shanghai, "Hermes House" was held. Arranged a brand in the field pursuits autumn scene: "hill" one after another, "forest" with "Butterfly" whipped, and Hermes for you from clothing to household goods full set of "fall camp" equipment, シャネルバッグコピーto put in tree under or hanging in the forest.

Clothing for men and women of color this season continues the Hermes consistently elegant, like the new design by graphic designer cashmere silk blend philippeapeloig large square, the introduction of five colors mostly go "deep once" route, warm low-key, like the mom love woven scarves.

Interestingly, the new season's men more than women actually highlights, such as women in this year's hot wide leg pants, it was Hermes spent on men's clothing, with black oxford shoes and geometric patterns of the shirt, both lazy and retro. The calf leather men's sports shoes, will burgundy, dark blue stitching were also closely linked to the current trend of brisk for.

Another was "transplanted" to the classic elements of menswear, it is the classic Hermes scarf pattern. This season, particularly Hermes launched 4 men silk twill small bow tie, fun color is definitely the preferred type of cell men concave shape.

Look at women, Hermes Winter Women is still a "simple simple," the tone, seemingly simple long coat thick stripes, two-ply cotton knit turtleneck shirt and plain black boots, are extremely simple and full of flavor design outline the women's soft lines.

Handbags aspect, Hermes launched a new calf harnais backpack. This package is inspired by equestrian, no water chestnut sleek design, the obvious sutures and other details of this bag is the biggest feature, of course, maxed texture is the top brand exhibits exquisite craftsmanship.