Staff Meeting, 3/3/15

AIR Social Studies and Science
5 SCI, 6 SS, 8 SCI, Physical Science

Test Administrator Certification Course


  • Test Administrator Manual
  • Day of Step Sheet


  • 2-hour delay testing schedule
  • Testing rosters modified so that 8 SCI and Physical Science are in separate testing room
  • 7th Grade Project


Parent recommendations needed for Parent/Staff Planning Group

Summer School Teacher Position Interest

8th grade non-DC activities coordinator needed!!

Engrade Q3/Q4 assessments are being launched. Questions can be used as exit tickets, warm ups or classroom work.


8th Grade Teachers for their help with the NAEP!

8th Grade Social Studies!

Teachers chaperoning DC trip!

We are almost done with the PBA's!!!!

Comment Stream

2 years ago

What questions are out there for the AIR science and/or studies studies assessment?