10 Sweet Facts About Chocolate

The First Chocolate Bar

The first chocolate bar was created by Joseph Fry. Fry's chocolate bar went public in 1847. Who knew that chocolate bars would be everyone's favorite treat. Clever.

White Chocolate Technically Isn't Chocolate

Most people haven't thought about this but white chocolate is not chocolate. It doesn't have any cocoa which is the prime ingredient for chocolate.

Cocoa Beans

High quality cocoa beans are grown and picked in Ghana, West Africa. It takes approximately 400 cocoa beans to produce 1 pound of chocolate.  


M&M's were created in 1941. They were meant for soldiers' so they could enjoy chocolate without it melting. Sometimes during the Revolutionary War Soldier' were payed in chocolate. Overtime they have created 29 different types of M&M's.  

Chocolate Flavored Stamps

In 2013 Belgium issued a limited edition of chocolate flavored stamps. I think it's clever but who would want to taste a stamp. I wonder if the stamps actually tasted like chocolate?

Chocolate Kisses

Everyday Hershey's makes 70 million kisses, enough to make a 300,000 long line of the chocolate. The kisses got there name from the kissing sound the machine makes when it drops the chocolate onto the conveyor belt.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Ruth Wakefield, the inventor of the chocolate chip cookie sold her recipe to Nestle for a lifetime supply of chocolate.

German Chocolate Cake

German chocolate cake has no relationship to Germany. The cake is named after its inventor, Sam German.

Dark Chocolate

Have you ever heard people sat that dark chocolate is healthier than milk chocolate? Well here's your answer, yes it is. So the next time you go to the candy store get dark chocolate it's much healthier for you.

Chocolate Lovers

About 70% of the 500 million dollars spent on candy every year is for chocolate. I know people love chocolate but I didn't they loved it this much.