Fahrenheit 451


The Pedestrian

In the short story, "The Pedestrian", the main character goes out for a walk every night. The society that he lives in is so absorbed in technology that even the simple act of walking is frowned upon. This connects to the article "Is This Bad For Children?" because our generation is so dependent on technology that people have forgotten how to socialize. People are secluded in their homes just like the characters in "The Pedestrian". The article claims that people can not stand to be without electronics for more than 30 minutes, which is proven in "The Pedestrian" when all the people are glued to their couches to watch television.

Fahrenheit 451

The short story, "The Pedestrian", the article "Is This Bad For Children?", and the song "Scare Away the Dark" all connect to the theme of "Fahrenheit 451"; people are so dependent on technology that people do not communicate on an intellectual scale. "The Pedestrian" shows how the innocent act of walking is viewed as a crime because society is so engrossed in television that social interaction is obscure and viewed as suspicious. The article shows how kids would rather play on their phones than play with other children. "Scare Away the Dark" claims that people need to stop worshiping technology and learn how to live life to the fullest, which does not include sitting at computer screens and watching TV. All of these address one common issue: people do not know how to communicate. This is a recurring problem in our society and it must be changed.

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