Middle Region

By: Rob Watt

Slogan:Live in the middle region and be in the middle of it all.

The colonies that are in the middle region are New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Both New York and Pennsylvania are by both the Atlantic ocean and Lake Erie. Both New Jersey and Delaware are just by the Atlantic ocean.

You'll like the weather because it isn't to hot or to cold, it's more moderate temperature. There wont be a lot of snow or be boiling outside so it will be easier to get from place to place.

Agriculture:You can grow mostly grain only-wheat, corn, known as the "breadbasket colonies" since you can really only grow grains,  soil is ok so you can only grow a limited amount of crops.

Industry:Shipping, Cattle, Grain, Iron They raise cattle on their ranches then sell them to get money. They also ship cattle, iron, and grain to other colonies. They grow corn and wheat, then they make bread to sell to other colonies.

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