Breast Cancer

Genetic Disorders are usually passed down, or they could come from a bad gene.

1) What is it ? : It is a form of cancer, that affects cells in the breast.

2) What causes it ? : Nobody knows the exact cause of breast cancer, all doctors know is that it's always caused by damage to cell's DNA.

3) How are lifes impacted ? : You have to get treatment, which can effect your health, in many different ways.

4) Curable or no, and how? :  Some stages are curable, but some are not. The ones that are curable are cured by lumpectomies, axillary lymph node dissection, and radiation.


Environmental is like diseases that you can get from what's around you, what environment you are living in.

1) What is it ? : Is a inflammatory dieseses of the lungs.

2)  What causes it ? : Allerges, cold air, things you do, the environment.. etc..

3) How are lifes impacted ? : Physical activities become harder then usual, some jobs do not hire people with asthma, so life become harder.

4) Curable or no, and how ? : Yes, most of the time you grow out of it.


Lifestyle diseases are diseases that you get from what you do with your life.

1) What is it ? : Affections of the liver.

2) What causes it ? : Caused by inflammation.

3) How are lifes impacted ? : 10 percent of people will develop a chronic liver infection that will lead to serious liver damage or will kill you.

4) Curable or no, and how? : It depends on what stage you are at, like A, C, etc... And a lot of treatments.