(A Historical Fiction Story)

          It is January 20, 1980 and I am staring at the TV in utter shock.  I can't believe my eyes. President Jimmy Carter had just announced that the US is going to boycott the Olympics. And all because of the Soviet troops being in Afghanistan. Even as a twelve year old, I understand what this will mean for my father,  And what is my father's job? My father is a professional snowboarder and has been practicing for years, getting ready for the Olympics.

          Wait, let's back this up a little. Okay. My name is Tiffany and I am 12 years old, and my father is a snowboarder. He absolutely loves snowboarding, and this is going to be the last year he is going to compete. My mom died when I was little, and I don't have any siblings. It's just my dad and I.

          Now, back to me being in utter shock. My dad is going to be heartbroken, what am I going to tell him? I am thinking about how I will tell him when I hear a sound. My dad is home. "Dad?" I begins, "The U.S. is boycotting the Olympics!"

          "Tiffany, are you sure?" Dad asks as he slowly walks towards me.

           "Positive" I reply. "I was watching television when President Jimmy Carter announced it."

            "No, no no. All my work, all for nothing, just to wait another four years..." he mutters. I feel awful. He trains all the time and I know that he wants this more than anything.

            "Maybe there's another way. Don't worry Dad, I'll think of something." I say.

             All afternoon, I am on the computer looking for a solution while Dad is calling everyone on his team to let them know the bad news. I am about to give up when I see a website titled "Olympic Boycott Games". I wonder what that means, so I click on the link and begin to read. After a few minutes I find out that there is a competition called the Olympic Boycott Games or the Liberty Bell Classic, and it will be in Philadelphia. It is basically a miniature Olympics for all the countries not participating in the Olympics.

            I can't wait to tell my dad, so I rush downstairs and exclaim "Dad, Dad! I have it all figured out! There's something called the Liberty Bell Classic, and it's also called the Olympic Boycott Games. It's going to be in Philadelphia, and you can be in it!"

            "Oh that's great Tiffany!" Dad exclaims. "I'm going to call up the team right now! Good job!"

             That night Dad is calling his teammates back to come over because he has big news. Their reactions are priceless when he finally tells him. They even start chanting "USA, USA, USA!"

               Then, they begin to plan their trip to Philadelphia. And guess what? Since I found out about it, they're going to let me go too!

               My dad ended up getting gold! Yep, that's right, he got 1st! And, all of his teammates got in the top 25! Sure it may not be as large as the Olympics, but man was he excited! Here's a picture of him.


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