Les Miserables Astounds Full House

Arkansas Repertory Theatre hosts classic play

Subject: Les Miserables performance at the Arkansas Repertory Theatre


April 6, 2014

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.,--The Arkansas Repertory Theatre showed a performance of the classic musical Les Miserables on April 6 to a sold-out house.  Actors and actresses from the Arizona Phoenix Theatre worked with the Rep's own performers to portray the story.

Performance Details

  • Tickets cost between $40-$70, depending on when you attend a show and where you sit.  Go to www.therep.org for showtimes and prices.  
  • The play is performed with actors from both the Arizona Phoenix Theatre and the Arkansas Repertory Theatre.  Information on the Arizona Phoneix Theatre can be found here.  
  • The main characters are played by: Douglas Webster (Jean Valjean), Danielle Erin Rhodes (Fantine), Christopher Carl (Javert), Karenssa LeGear (Cosette), Christopher Behmke (Marius) and Mary Little (Eponine).  A list of the full cast can be found here.
  • The play is directed by Robert Hupp, who is the Producing Artistic Director for the Arkansas Repertory Theatre.  Click here for more information about the crew.
  • Buy a season pass to receive first access to the best seats in the house for each of the Rep's productions.  Click here for information about season passes.  Special discounts apply for students under 21.


The Arkansas Repertory Theatre is known for having an "intimate" stage.  Music from the celebrated Les Miserables is easily heard no matter where a guest is seated, and the audience has a unique bond with the performers due to the small theatre and large stage.

Direct Quotes

  • College student Shannon Herring watched the play and described the most impactful scene.  "The ending was my favorite part.  I really liked watching everyone come on stage at the end and unite together.  It was a very inspiring moment."
  • Donna Herring, an audience member, told how she felt after the play.  "The performance was amazing, I can't get over it.  So much emotion, and the redemptive story was really good.  I want to go see it again."
  • Jacob Camworth, an audience member, said after seeing the play, "I came because my girlfriend wanted to see it, but I enjoyed the show.  It was different, and I didn't know what to expect, but it was good."
  • Audience member Jill Steinbeck described her reaction to the play.  "Oh, I can't decide what part I liked best.  Everything was amazing, and I loved all of the characters.  The actors were fantastic--I was very impressed."
  • When asked how he felt about Les Miserables returning to the Rep, facility manager James Heppler responded, "We are privileged to host another showing of Les Miserables.  The community always loves the performance, and we are happy to have such a fine cast of performers."   

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  • Audio of Kate Hudson explaining how Les Miserables touched her heart.
  • Audio of Hannah Sagers answering why she liked Les Miserables.
  • Audio of Shannon Herring explaining why she liked Les Miserables.  

Benefit Statement: Audience members will not see a mere play, but instead they will watch how ordinary people deal with pain, suffering, love and joy in the midst of the dirt and grime of inner-city Paris.  The music will touch the hearts of everyone who listens, and whoever hears and sees the story of Les Miserables will leave the theatre with a new perspective on how people lived life in 19th-century France.  

Action Statement: Attend the production of Les Miserables and become immersed in the story of ordinary people who want to change their world.  


Since 1976, the Arkansas Repertory theatre has been a non-profit organization dedicated to entertaining the community with quality productions.  The Rep believes that diversity is a key part of the theatre world, and it encourages people of every race, background and age to develop their artistic talent.  Performances are carried out using a combination of local talent and traveling theatre groups.  

Contact Information for Arkansas Repertory Theatre

  • Address: 601 Main Street P.O. Box 110 Little Rock, Arkansas 72203
  • Box Office: 501-378-0405
  • Administration: 501-378-0445
  • Website: www.therep.org

Public Relations Director: Joanna Averill, 501-412-9866, javerill@therep.com

Spokesperson: Mary Watson, 501-219-2182, mwatson@therep.com

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