What do you know about furnace filters?

Before discussing about furnace filters, we should first of all understand the meaning of furnace. It is that enclosed structure which is used for high temperature heating. Furnace filter protects blower from dust, unclean air, or other unwanted particles that flew from air. It helps in keeping inside air fresh by removing polluted being re-circulated.

Most people hardly care for the maintenance of furnace filters till it is working well by keeping them warm in the winters and cool in the summer. It is very necessary for its smooth functioning and to prevent it from damage. If furnace filter be cleaned on regular basis it will give good result and durability will also increase.

What is the life expectancy of furnace filters?

Life expectancy of the furnace filters depends upon how properly we maintain them by regular cleaning of the filters. Whether these filters are brand new or of old model the life expectancy is between 15 to 20 years. Some time its condition is detoriated with in 13 years. It all depends upon your maintenance techniques. It is to be get checked by qualified professional.

Different techniques to increase the life expectancy of the furnace filter

  • For preventing friction lubrication of the moving part is necessary.
  • It is very necessary to check the thermostat to ensure its accuracy.
  • Measuring of motor’s voltage and current.
  • It is very necessary to check the leakage to carbon monoxide.
  • Cleaning and inspection of blower assembly, heat exchanger and other components are necessary.
  • System control checking is necessary in order to ensure that it cycles properly.
  • Whenever the air filter is dirty it also makes the life span of furnace short. Dirty air filter makes impediment for the airflow to get through furnace, and it becomes hard and results in its wear and tear. As such it allows the dust to enter and leads to its premature failure. In this stage it is better to change air filter.
  • It is also of utmost importance to seal and insulation of ducts. Unsealing and not insulation of ducts leads to 40% leakage of warm air through these furnace filters.

Types of furnace filters

  • 1. Disposable Pleated Kind : These furnace filters are of standard size and ratings and are made of paper and polyester provide best results in filtering dust particles from home and other particles which are of allergic quality.
  • 2. Disposable fiberglass filters: These filters are of spider web look and are bluish in color. It is cheaper than pleated type filter. It requires regular checking and requires frequent changing than of pleated type filter. These type of filters comes in various sizes
  • 3. Washable filters or reusable filters : These filters are of superior type than disposable fiberglass filters and it has superior aluminum and plastic frames and these filters are of different ratings and size. It is washable and can be vacuumed off. Though they are costly, its life span is of 5 years if washed properly within 90 days.

One Important fact about furnace filters

Disposable and undisposable filters come in electrostatic form. They have the capacity to suck small particles and smoke from the home and keep the atmosphere fresh. These filters self charge themselves as air passes through it.

Result of furnace filters being old.

If you are using old furnace filter without getting it properly serviced it will lead to more electricity consumption , air floor will be reduced, which leads to icing and water problem in summers and it will greatly reduce the life expectancy of the air handling cooling and heating system.

Rating of furnace filters

It is very necessary to know about the rating of furnace filters. They are rated on the basis of Minimum Efficiency Reporting value (MERV). Its range is between 1 to16. If the rating is high the more particles it is capable to remove. Filters MERV rating between 8 and 11 are sufficient for home.