The End of American Imperialism?


The US took many territories who were thought to be “uncivil”. This was the Imperialist Era. But by the late 19th century the United States abandoned its democratic ideals in the pursuit of foreign colonies and territories. Now it acted as a world police to the rest of the world.

1914-1934: Haiti

The Haitian president was assassinated so Woodrow Wilson sent troops to Haiti in 1915 to keep order. The US occupation lasted until 1934 and during that time the US gained control of Haiti's finances and forced the election of a pro-US president.

1918: Panama

The US was a police force during the 1918 election. They occupied Panama City and Colon to maintain order. The 1904 constitution granted the US the right to land troops in any part of the country.

1916: Dominican Republic

In 1916, the US intervened in the Dominican Republic due to its chaotic and unstable government. The US did not so much care about the country but about its own economy. Its main goal in the invasion of  Central American countries was to boost their economy and be the ones who were to make a canal from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

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