By: Cassidy Dass                                                                                     Tuesday,May 5th,2010


Calgary hit by flash floods after massive rainstorm-Photo taken by Chopper 24 from CTV News

     On Sunday May 5th,2010, in Calgary,Alberta, a rainstorm occurred like no other,usually this city is used to having rainstorms that flood their basements,but in this case the heavy rainstorm caused flooding over 6ft that took over streets,houses and even took lives.The city is still  under emergency evacuation,as they try to clean up the wreckage of the flood.  

     Noah Ark,a civilian who was affected by the devastating flood,and was in the comfort of his own home when it happened said,"I was at home cooking dinner,when i noticed that water started to seep into my house,I checked my basement cause in Calgary  our basements are constantly being flooded during heavy rainstorms,i thought nothing about it at the time so as usual i called 9-1-1 and reported it.I was starting to worry when my 6 year old daughter didn't return home from school,i looked outside and the whole street was flooded with water.I put on the news and the first thing i saw was that her bus was washed away in the flash of the flood.This is the worst thing that could ever happen...this is really tragic,many other children lost their lives..this is very difficult for me and many other families right now...i don't know what i'm gonna do.."

    Jesus Martinez,a meteorologist at Channel 7 News explains why this happened,"flooding occurs when a rivers discharge exceeds its channels volume causing the river to over flow into the land area surrounding it.This flood was caused by prolonged rainfall,when it rains for a long period of time,the ground becomes saturated and the soil will no longer be able to store water.Rainfall enters the rivers much faster than it would if the ground wasn't saturated,which leads to higher discharge of water,which caused this flood and caused high levels of water in the city."

       The flood caused damage to over 20,000 Calgary homes. More than 1,400 Calgarians were evacuated in a state of local emergency, Team 2 Rescue Force were brought in and stated that 39 dead bodies were recovered during the initial rescue measures, 20 of these dead bodies have been identified,while 18 people are still missing.As many families lost their homes,there are temporary shelters set up for them to stay at for the time being,and roads and schools will be closed until further notice.

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