Connect With Connecticut

Connecticut State Flag

Connect With Your Future

Connect with the People

You should connect to Connecticut because you can have power, economic opportunity, and religious freedom.

We already have multiple countries connecting with Connecticut.

Countries like; Great Britain, France, Spain, and Sweden!

We stand our ground against the Natives and live!

Our newest generations don't even care about religion anymore!

So come on down and connect with Connecticut.

We're nicer than Massachusetts!

Connect by Trading

We have bought the land from the Mohegan Indians and is now Indian free!

Very friendly with natives so you can trade with them occasionally.

Best trading system there is.

Our Dutch heritage proves that we were essentially meant for trading.

Our Connecticut river also lets trade work very well!

Become the pioneers and a part of this successful community.

GUARANTEED INSURANCE: If trading doesn't work out for you in the New World, not a problem. We import rum, make ships, fish, and can farm a few vegetables here and there.

Connect with the Natives

Connect With The New World Around You

We almost had our charter taken.

But if that will allow others to have a great experience of Connecticut,

then it's worth it. After all, we established this colony for freedom.

We now have more freedom from Massachusetts and financial opportunities!

We now don't have to be that type of pilgrim which is great!

Connect With The Government

We promise your voice will be heard!

All men who own land can vote and the power of the governor will be limited.

The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut make sure of that.

By Connecting With Connecticut You've Got to Follow These Simple Rules

To Connect with Connecticut follow the Fundamental Orders Of Connecticut

We have New England's first constitution and for better or worse we have a conservative

and traditional society. We also have a democracy so come join the government!

Our Founder; THOMAS HOOKER didn't like the Massachusetts culture.

FACTS ABOUT Thomas Hooker: Thomas Hooker was a normal pastor who joined Massachusetts. He hated the culture there so he took 100 other people and left.

He wanted finance, Puritan freedom, and more land.

Turns out, we got them all.

Young Thomas Hooker

Connect with Geography

We're surrounded by beautiful trees, mountains, and lakes which is a view to die for.

It's also so cold disease won't spread so you won't have to connect with death.

We are also allies with the natives so go ahead and trade!

Fast transportation with rivers and the Atlantic Ocean means you can get to places!

The natives called this great land Quinatucquet which means "Beside the Long Tidal River"

So come on down from Massachusetts or anywhere else.


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