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There are many cultures that live on the island of Madagascar, this is important because it influences how the people live. There is a lot of diversity, not just one culture. Malagasy is the islands main culture/language. There is also Arabs, Indians, British, French and Chinese. The first people arrived on Madagascar around 2,000 years ago. They were greeted with lots of little faces from the wildlife and many rain-forest. Madagascar is a very enclosed so no wildlife can come or go. The seclusion of living on an island impacts the culture because the people who live there are very limited to what they have and have to make the most of whats available.   

The people of Madagascar used the Indian ocean as there trade route. Ocean trade routes, was a must for many of the fiercest pirates that ever sailed the seven seas. There are many folk tales about pirates that are still significant to Madagascar's culture.

Madagascar's transportation has impacted this world socially because there is an air line called air Madagascar, that travels international. Air Madagascar, which is owned partly by Air France, also services internal locations. Madagascar is one of the poorest country's in the world and this effects the rest of the world because they are lending money and trying to help out. PSI/Madagascar was founded in 1998 to help the people of Madagascar and low-income people gain access to essential health products, services and information. Since then, its activities have expanded to include programs in child survival, malaria, reproductive health and HIV.  

Here is a map of the area where the  immigrates settled to:

Though Madagascar has not have a sport of there own that went global, they do play all of the most common sports such as football (soccer), boxing, athletics (track and field), judo,  women's basketball, women's tennis. Malagasy athletes have excelled in the last sport especially, with two sisters competing internationally in such events as the U.S. Open and the Olympic Games. The country has also sent national teams to the African Games, and Malagasy athletes have participated as members of pan-African teams at the World Cup in Athletics.

Madagascar celebrates the usual holidays like Christmas, Easter, New Years but they do have one of there own

Alahamadi Be

Alahamadi Be is Madagascar’s traditional New Year’s Day, which takes place in March and lasts for two days. Crowds hit the street in celebration, homes are decorated in lights and friends and family visit to wish eachother well. Traditional music and dance plays a part in the festivities. This is only celebrated in Madagascar though.

The food of Madagascar !

A traditional meal of Madagascar is eaten sitting on the floor. The meal will never have an appetizer served before the main course. The traditional meal consists of three to four dishes and the meal ends with a dessert, generally made from fruits and vanilla. It is a tradition in Madagascar to serve meals when they are steaming hot. Malagasy people mostly eat the food off of the island or use the food off the island for ingredients.Some of Madagascar main foods are curry or soups, rice, beef and pork that is deep fried in oil and spices, fruits and veggies, fish and poultry.

The clothes of Madagascar !

Madagascar really likes colourful clothes and The dye use in the clothes is natural and they are extracted from berries, minerals and various such natural resources. men offer clothes to brides in the marriage ceremony and the bride and groom are encircled in single cloth as a symbol of their union forever. Clothes are also offered to the ancestors and it forms the part of the marriage ceremony. Not many clothes from Madagascar have became a world trend, only from visitors of the island who have bought a t-shirt or so. Also the movie Madagascar has made everyone love Madagascar, The movie has had a big impact on the island.

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