Freya Wilson - Digital Editing

Value: Respect

This is a website page of the work I have done in my first two lessons of digital technology. We had to find four pictures of a school value of our choice and when we had done that we edited them. The edits make the picture more interesting and stand out more. enjoy my website page

This is a picture of a handshake. It shows respect by meeting people with a warmth instead of not taking an interest in them at all.

I edited the handshake by adding a black ripped paper border and a pixlr, smashed effect called save (the colours on the hands). I added text saying 'respect' because greeting someone with a handshake is respect. I also added a retro poster to the background called beam.

Men who bow when first in the presence of a lady are true gentleman. That's showing old school respect.

I've edited this picture by changing the colours of their clothes. I added vintage effects to make the picture look worn out and match the actual picture. I also added two different borders to maximise the effect of the picture. I first added a border of the vintage flower patterns in the corners and then I added a vintage black border to match the colour of the picture.

Even dogs can show respect by learning to shake their owners hands or shaking strangers hands. The owner is also showing respect by teaching its dog to shake peoples hands.

With this picture I added a border called flowery and a picture effect in pixlr, smashed called dire. I didn't do much but it still has the cool effect that I added a lot of effects to it.

This picture shows respect with the little girl helping the old lady through the door. Its kind because she's helping the elderly.

I faded the colour so it wasn't so bright and I added an effect of pixlr, smashed called facet. I added a natural, black, rounded cornered border as well.

This is a collage of my edited photos that shows all four aspects of respect. i like it because of all the different colours.

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