Edward Creighton
by:Sammy Roum


Edward Creighton had empathy for kids to learn and he wanted to have a college built and named after him. A few years after he died Creighton University was built. He would've been very happy. If you want to learn more about Edward Creighton read on.

What was his early life like?

There isn't much known about his early life, but….Edward Creighton was born in Belmont County, Ohio on a farm on August 31st in 1820. He was Irish Catholic. He had 3 brothers. As he got a little bit older he worked for a freight train shipping company.

What was his adult life like?

When he was an adult he was a pioneer business man, and a President of the 1st National Bank Of Omaha. And then he worked on railroad lines, and he started to bring the 1st telegraph line to Omaha. He got married to a woman named Mary Lucretia Wareham in Dayton, Ohio on October 7th,1857. Then in that same year he came to Omaha. He died when he was 54 in the year of 1874.

What was his greatest accomplishments?

Edward Creighton had many accomplishments. I think his greatest one was when he became one of the largest builders to telegraph lines. He also was a successful Pioneer, business man, and he also did cattle ranching and freight operations.


He has improved Nebraska today because he had empathy for kids to learn at college. And today that college is still up and open. That is why he is a Notable Nebraskan.


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