Mage's of the Arcane Order Of Fiery Phoenix

Phoenix lord of the twin scorpion moon's

Magick is Real and when you open that door your life is not the same!

Ok the frist post and why: Frist thing a 18 year old came to me about a problem, He and four friends watch TV, movies and read books like Dresden Files of Magick. You know the ones. They had the ID of going on line and look up Magick and joking around and saying its not going to work! Then it happen standing in a circle all four of them with wand in hand, knife and 8 candles. They summon a spirit and it was random one that was most powerful. The boys tried to imprison it just like a genie and can have whatever they want. This what happen that day, all four of the candles on the out side of the circle

flamed up about a inch at the same time then the air was not the same the one boy's hair on his arms stood up. They kept going, doing the magick spell they found on the Internet.

The boy that had the hair on his arms stand up we will call him Simon he did not want to do this at all but the other boys!  Were you know calling him some things you know the type.

Well the next thing that happen was the boy that stared this was Derek calling the spirit forth and then saying your not a strong one go away only a strong spirit enter's this realm and do's my (............) and Simon got lifted 3 feet of the floor and slammed to the ground. The others did seen him in the air but they could not see what picked him up, as they stood looking at Simon screaming and slammed to the floor the one boy ran out of the circle. Derek took the knife fast dropping the wand and doing the lesser banishing ritual from a print out doing it ten times as Simon gasp's for air. They then got themselves together and took all the tools a dumped in a can in the room of the old warehouse that they were in.

I was in a occult store meeting up with someone and I look up there was the clerk I know Frank saying you're screwed. The clerk looked at me pointing his finger saying to Simon go talk to that guy there he may be your best bet for this. Simon looks at the clerk and said he's just a businessman and grabs the clerk I need a goth guy a man in black. Then the clerk laughs say's look he has a back suit, sometimes everything is not what it seems. I seen what was happening, o'well I should just walk over or he will be loud coming to me. Hi Frank here is the stuff you want, can I use your backroom do not need a scene here and bring the boy. Simon told me every thing and showed me the scratches he had on his back and side when he sleeps he gets up and he see's them. Humm when you go to your friends and sleep dose the same thing happing. Simon, yes and tired when I wake up some times I can not move my body at first. Your being attacked astrally and you hear growling and talking in your room. Simon yes thats it but only the talking and sounds in my room. On that day did you have any thin in your pocket or on you. Simon I had some money and a bag on my side of my belt with a 2"x 2" cube I made that looked like one of those Hellraiser cubes but not the same I mad all of it up with the design we were going to use it but Derek said no I have some thing thats not  small. So Simon were is that box at now, could it be in your room! Hay Frank you have any of those Spirit Guards and do you need more of them. Frank yes have six left here you go and I could use 24 more in stock and the house Spirit Guards five  of them when you get some time. Ok Simon clip this to your belt its ready to go let me write some things for you down to use this with other info. The deal is you don't tell anyone who I am and I own your services, then give me your email.

Simon shook my hand and said yes Sir here is my new email I set up on Google. Good I will send you email and we will take care of the rest of the stuff later on hear take this USPS box that I written symbols inside of it just pack it with that 2"x 2" cube with packing paper. Do not use any other USPS box to send me it. By the way that Spirit Guard is your new best friend she will keep you safe in the astral world and this plane of your reality. You see every person is in his own universe!

I Then set up a YouTube The calling to do this is now time.... Need to help some of the new or old Mage's in my realm or the ones that walk into my Realm!

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