come on down to the Southern colonies enjoying the cool weather and the nice sights

come settle in Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, south Carolina and north Carolina and we will grant you forty acres of land, FOR FREE!

a normal sunset for the southern colonists

the southern colonies weather and geography

the southern colonies have beautiful geography with soft sandy beaches and sweet sunsets. the weather is always warm or cool there is no bitter cold winters that give you frostbite. the geography has beautiful grasslands and rolling hills

The agriculture of the Southern colonies

in the southern colonies we have huge plantations for wheat beans and the most popular of all tobacco. we also have enormous cattle farms and a bountiful supply of natural resources.

industry in the southern colonies

The industry in the southern colonies is growing fast and with your help could grow faster. we are looking for new members to join the colonies, we have many industries in the Southern colonies some examples are timber mills, naval shipping, cattle farms, and many more. with your help we could having a major growing industry.

this map shows the southern colonies

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