My relationship with the earth used to be as a friend, but as of recently has been more stranger. I find myself going out for a hike, camping trip, or even just a short walk. I see the earth as a beautiful creature, but like many creatures, it has flaws. I believe the earth has been made ugly by its inhabitants. I feel sorrow realizing that one day, regardless of human travesty, that the earth will die. It hurts sometimes to see millions of life forms in a forest, knowing that one day they will no longer exist. But that's also the beauty of life; that maybe somewhere else in our unknown universe, life will continue. I understand the way the circle of life spins,  I understand that there are many different plants and animals that are important to others. I feel love for the earth, both through my experience and ,y belief in catholic stewardship of the earth. I do have faith in the earths ability to function successfully without humans on earth, I believe in a million years earth will be completely different.

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