Alice Walker

By: Khalerius Randall

The Nation of Islam

Alice participated in many movements. One movement was the Nation Of Islam (NOI). This movement was found in Detroit, Michigan by Wallace D. Fard Muhammad in July of 1930. It was started to improve spiritual, mental, social and economics of African Americans.

The Black Power Movement

The Black power movement was found by Huey D. Newton. This led to the Black panther party. People were harassed by policemen. Newton was convicted for killing a policeman. Alice Walker said, ''womanism dose not need to be called black.

The Black Art Movemen

This was known as the power movement. It was started in Harlem by Amiri Baraska. This was called a controversial movement. It inspired black people to buy there own houses, magazines, journals, and art institutes. It led to many African American programs which led to the assassination of Malcom X.

Black Feminist

Women experienced different and more violent lives than white women. White middle class women started a movement that regarded ignored oppression based on race and class. Patricia Hill Collins defined black feminist including women who theorize ideas that provides a good angle of vision on self, society, and community.

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