BY: Cameron G, Mary Grace, and Tyler


Location: In the Valley of Mexico

Climate: on average the temperature was 12 degrees Celsius  

Major physical features: sierra madre oriental, main city was built on a lake


Leaders: Moctezuma I, Itzcoatl

Leadership structure: monarchy

War and Conflict

Major battles: Battle of Otumba, La Noche Triste, Spanish conquest of the the empire,

enemies: Spanish, Texlacans, Huaxtec,

Outcomes of battles: they usually one the battles or the opponent surrendered


natural resources: seafood, clay, copper, wood, gold, lead, silver

Trading partners: conquered people payed tributes and traded with other Aztec cities

Trade items: maize, beans, squash, building materials, jewelry, pots, minerals


Roles: men- did most of the hard labor for the family such as build the house and farm                  women- carried children, taught the children, tended to garden, and house work

Education: children mainly were taught at home by parents, but the royals had tutors

Architecture: terracing, pyramids, aqua ducts, canals, floating gardens

Clothing: men wore loin cloths while women wore dresses

Cuisine: maize was the staple crop, commoners raised hairless dogs and turkey to eat, while royals enjoyed crab, cocoa, pineapple, and many other delicacies

Religion: the were polytheistic and worshiped gods such as the sun and war god   


The created chocolate

medical treatments and medicine methods were created

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