The Steam Engine, Made By :James Watt.

This Is James Watt Above , He Is The Creator Of The Steam Engine, Now Below You Can See A Picture Of The Steam Engine , It Is A Very Delicate Machine, Now In The Picture Below , It Doesn't Look How It Does In Modern Days Like Today.

Now Below You May See A 1940 year Model Steam Engine , Now This One Looks Fairly Different From The Steam Engine Above , Steam Engine's Solved A Problem , The Problem Was That Well We Needed Transportation,  The Steam Engine Below Starts To Have Metal Wheels And More Modern Contraptions Like Today's Steam Engine , Which Work's Better For The Need Of Transportation.

Now Above There Is A Modern Day Steam Engine , But They are Not Called Steam Engine As Much Anymore , They are Mostly Called Train's , Train's Go All Around The World , They Are Located All Over America , And Other Country's Nowayday's They Are Much Faster , And Have More Cargo For People To Transport.

For Starting Out With A Couple Of Wheels , Steam And A Engine , I Think Train's Came Out Pretty Good In The End What Do You Think ?

Project By : Criz G.

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