This is a picture of me. I love to be able to take family pictures. I have a puppy that's only a year old. I live with my mom and puppy. I love to swim and do basketball. I have 4 step sisters/brothers. There names are Emily and Katie and the boys names are Joshua and Alexander. Joshua is 6,Alexander is 2 and Emily and Katie are a month. Also Emily and Katie are twins.

Three things about me are


I love to play with babies. I always get to see them because my dad and my step mom just had twins a month ago. There names are Emily and Katie. I love them to death and everything but they get annoying very easily. They wake me up during the night if my dad or step mom don't hear them.


I love to take pictures a lot of the time. That is probably my favorite hobby. I did pictures for my aunts and uncles wedding. There wedding was cameo and it was orange. I have a lot of pictures that i should organize.

to get good grades

I am the kind of person that likes/has to get good grades. If i don't get good grades i kinda am like what do i do i need to get my grade up. I hate the fact when i have a bad grade but i never hardly ever have bad grades.

my goals

goal 1: I would like to become a better babysitter. I would love to be able to watch more kids and when i babysit to save the money.

goal 2: I would like to become more better with photography.....i would like to see if there are any classes to take to become more better.

goal 3: I would like be better at school and get good grades. I would like to also be able to pass all of my classes this main class i want to pass is gym and digital literacy.  

I would love to go

I would love to be able to go to the outer banks. I would love to go here because i would get to be able to do things with my family down there and be able to buy a shirt or whatever i want to down there.

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