One for the Team

Supporting Improving Schools

Liz Singleton
School Improvement Professional
Leadership Coach

At the heart of school improvement lies effective team working.

'The responsibility for high performance in teams lies with each member ................and them knowing what needs to be achieved, taking personal responsibility and working collectively.'

'One for the Team' provides professional coaching to enhance the performance of individuals and teams at all levels in educational organisations.

Supporting your improving school by working with you and your staff.  

Experienced in education

  • Performance Management and appraisal
  • Whole school and subject reviews
  • Developing newly appointed staff through People Coaching
  • Personal coaching and career planning for individual members of staff
  • Quality of teaching, learning
  • Middle leadership coaching for individuals and teams
  • Effective behaviour management systems
  • Whole school self evaluation
  • Governor training

Key education updates

Being a team player involves sharing information others can benefit from.  As new documents, articles and consultations are published we will provide updates and links to ensure you are kept up to date.  Knowing about proposed or planned changes will ensure you, and your staff, are ahead of the game when it comes to future-proofing your school.

School improvement strategies

Every school is different - and the most productive improvement strategies emerge through common understanding and full appreciation of the challenges you face.

We will work together to plan, prioritise and implement a bespoke improvement programme, focused on your priorities.  

Below are some examples programmes from last academic year:

  • SIP programme - termly meetings over a year with interim and final reports to senior leaders and governors
  • 3 day review of quality of post 16 provision and report to staff and governors
  • development of new 14-19 vocational and alternative curriculum programmes
  • working with local businesses to develop industry-led vocational programmes
  • governor training e.g: appropriate challenge and support, expectations of governors with specific roles, preparing for OFSTED inspection
  • personal coaching for new middle and senior leaders to ensure they 'hit the ground running' in a new role
  • team building, meeting facilitation and coaching for new senior leadership teams, or for teams seeking to refresh and re-define their vision and values
  • working with senior staff to devise, consult on, and implement, an annual review and appraisal programme
  • whole staff and team training e.g. on effective analysis of post 16 and GCSE performance data, writing subject SEFs
  • associate deputy role (2 days pw) modelling stategic leadership,  focused on improving quality of teaching and learning
  • review of safeguarding policy into practice and implementation of improvement programme
  • supporting NCSL middle leadership training programme with 1 to 1 coaching on subject evaluation and improvement planning
  • pre-OfSTED review and post OfSTED improvement planning and activity
  • personal coaching for staff seeking to improve their own performance

Confidential     Professional    Focused


I have a strong background in education including teaching, supporting, advising and inspecting primary and secondary schools.

  • Outstanding science teacher and teacher training provider
  • Primary and secondary science advisory teacher
  • Primary and secondary local authority school improvement adviser
  • Primary and secondary OfSTED team inspector
  • NCSL accredited school improvement partner
  • Local authority senior strategic adviser for primary, early years and special education
  • Director for 14-19 education
  • Director for post 16 and adult education
  • Post 16 FE principal designate

Other Members of the Team

Liz Flavell

Special Education Improvement Professional

Head Teacher Mentor

Special Education Adviser

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