8th Period:  Jeff A, Kevin P, Travis P, Dayquon T.


On the green line train located on lake and central park a beautiful view of downtown Chicago skyscrapers.

Here in this photo on Cicero out west on the train you can see the door is open for people to exit and enter on the train. Here in Chicago the train is the common way to get where they need to go the train the train is important in money people’s life.

Here in this photo on Laramie out west on the train platform you can see the train in motion after dropping me off. The train gets you from point A to point B.

                                                    Smoke Out

Over the bridge of Dan Ryan freeway by the blue line firefighters is putting out a fire while setting up another water hose.

                                                   Traffic Block

On Pulaski and Congress police block off the street during a fire across the dan ryan freeway located by west garfield park.

This photo was taking at 11:30 p.m. on Washington and Oakley. Some kids was outside playing when they were suppose to be in the house at this time. By doing things that they wasn't suppose to do it got them into some trouble with the police.

Here in this photo out west on Laramie and Kinzie you can see a mural of all the greats and historical African American inspirations. Here in Chicago we appreciate our heritage and pay our respects to them so we will never forget them.

Here on this picture we are out south at Gately stadium participating in the Unleash the Speed Nike Tournament. As you can see football is a part of our life and we enjoy it.

This was taken at Hanson stadium on Central N Grand. It shows the different colors of the field reflecting from the camera. Hard to go down as seen, but in the middle of a game.

Practicing hard will someday lead me to greatness. This was taken in Garfield Park at practice on Hamlin N Jackson.

This photo was taken of my wall in my room of my house. Central Park N Augusta is where it all happens. These are all the colleges that are looking at me an believe in me to become the best wide receiver there is.

                                                     Bus Stop

On Madison and Kildare at the bus stop going to school and a Hispanic women going to work waiting for the bus.

                                                  Lunch Break

At Alraby high school at 12:38 pm students playing cards during their lunch break relaxing and having fun.

In the room of my house (1000 Central Park N Augusta). 20’s 50’s and 10’s. I love to have money that’s why I have it.

The very first photo that I ever seen of me when I was a child. Photo taken of another photo, which happened in Orlando, Florida.

This is a photo of me and my siblings  


On Chicago West side of Garfield park 1 hour after school watching the sunset on Alraby high school.