Saving money the Easy way

Simple tips and tricks to help uni students save money!

5 Tips for increasing your income

1. Get a job in addition to the primary job (or uni). There are heaps of simple jobs that you can outside of uni, including baby-sitting, pet sitting, cleaning, repairs and maintenance.

2. Apply for Centerlink payments


4. Rent assistance

5. Apply

10 tips for saving money

1. Buy groceries in bulk, it will last longer and save you money in the long run

2. Recycle- Buying second hand textbooks is a great way to save money, put an add on a notice board, in the local paper or simply asked someone you know that might have them

3. Opp shops are a great place to buy really good quality second hand clothes and bric a brack

4. Petrol being as expensive as it it these days, walking and public are both great ways to save money and get fit

5. Shop at inexpensive shops like Aldi, Savers, Vinnies, Not Quite Right ect

6. Buy second hand furniture to furnish your house

7. Look for a cheap mobile phone plans, instead of spending heaps of money on bills




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