Population Growth

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-Three major countries that has a big population problem are China, India, and Iran.

- These 3 countries are also having a problem with air pollution, water pollution, and economic problems

                                                               China air pollution

- China being the biggest problem with air pollution they struggled with urban smog,

polluted water supplies and industrial contamination of land, causing growing public concerns

- 3 main industrial regions are Beijing, Hebei, and Tianjin which these populated cities produced more than 30 percent of China's pollution. Problem that causes this is coal, cars, China has a lot of people and more people means higher pollution

- To fix this an Example of this is that the international school of Beijing has built a giant dome over its outdoor athletic facilities to keep out bad air

                                                                    Iran pollution

- Iran is facing also environmental problems their most polluted city is Tehran the capital of Iran

- About 1.5 million tons of pollutants are produce in this city, which contains carbon monoxide

- Cars also caused this pollution they do most of the pollution to 75%-80% of cars pollution, older vehicles is what causesthis problem the government of Iran launched a 10 year program to reduce the air pollution by replacing older motor vehicles with new motor vehicles.


                                                               India Water Pollution     


- The river Ganges is the most effected which contains bacteria,iron, amoiaco, which these causes health problems Ex: hepatitis,fever, coli

- About 80% of Indian Sewage Untreated, and about 500,000 death per year because of the water pollution, and Untreated waste are dumped into rivers which seeps into the groundwater

                                                                    Population Growth


-China has the  highest population in the world, it is 21% of the world with over 1.2 billion people

- Overly populated regions lead to degradation of land and resources

- Chinese government has used a bunch of methods to control population growth Ex: They started out with a policy called the one child policy in 1979, this policy works that you can only have one child and if you have more than one child you would either have to pay taxes up to 50% of their income or you'll be punished by loss of employment or other benefits

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