Thousand Words
Jillian Hellman

March 24
Contrasts and Contradictions

Once I started to read the first few pages of the book, I found some contrasts with the scenes right away. It first showed Ash in community service and then flashed to her at a pool party. I found this intriguing because I am wondering what she has done to get into community service. Did she do something at this pool party to cause her to get there?! I like that they show these flashbacks so you can see the differences between then and now.

March 25
Tough Questions

Once I got to this point in the book, Vonnie has told Ash to send Kaleb. Ash is having a tough time deciding if she should send the picture or not because she says Kaleb is going to remember her anyway. If I was in Ash's position, I would like to think I would never do something this terrible just so a boy likes me. I feel like she will be in community service if she sends the picture. I hope she is not stupid enough to do so!

March 26
Aha Moment

At this point in the book, I Ash experienced an "aha" moment. Mack was a kid who sat by Ash in community service, but never talked to anyone. He always had headphones in and blocked everyone out. Ash wasn't bothered by this, I wouldn't either because it left her in silence. The first reason why I think she got this moment was because she realized the two other girls in her community service--Kenzie and Angel-- started getting on Ash about sending the nudes. This is when she realized even more that no matter if she deleted the picture, it was never really gone. This is when Mack stood up for Ash and told the two girls to back off. They did that right away and got off Ash's back. I think here she realized maybe not everyone was against her. I really liked when Mack stood up for her because it meant a lot to her.

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