A New Beginning!

I have decided that I am going to try to post a tackk every day or every other day at least to keep you guys as my followers posted about me and my daily life and interests. Today I have decided to do a bio to start off my new routine.

Hi my name is Maredia, I am 14 years old, I go to Boles Jr. High. I have two sisters Laurann 11 and Brianna 13!

Maredia/Me Laurann, Brianna, Brianna's Tackk is @briannasepulveda, at my 6th birthday party.

I also have a Brother, Micah 7 He is growing up so fast... too fast. It feels like just yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital.At 8:16,9lb 8oz. I love him so much

This is me holding my little bro for the first time right after he was born in the hospital room.

I have a Mom Lisa and a Dad Brian.

This is my mom and me.
This is me and my dad. My dad is the Activities Minister at First Baptist church in Arlington for 21 years and he is the BEST DAD EVER.

I also have 3 kittens Midnight, Willow, and S'mores.

On the top left is Midnight, on the top right is S'mores and on the bottom is Willow!

I also have a dog named Toto. he is named after the dog Toto from the Wizard of Oz.

This is Toto he is a Yorkie.

I also have a cat named Cutie Pie.

This is Cutie Pie a while ago at my old house.

Two summers ago i moved into a new house and i am so Thankful for God giving this home to us so we have a nice shelter to stay in!

My Beautiful new house with a beautiful woods right in front of it! Thank you God for my Home!!!

Nothings better than being with friends

Maredia Jennifer and Jessica.
Julianna, Abby, Maredia, Maddie.
Jennifer, Maredia and Becca
Maredia and Jennifer
Maredia, Jennifer, and Anna
Jessica, Maredia and Jennifer.
Maredia and jennifer
Maredia and Jennifer
Jennifer and Maredia
Maredia Jennifer, and Jonathan
Maredia and Jennifer
Jessica and Maredia
Maredia, Clare, Jessica, Mrs.Friberg, Hallie, Audrey.
Maredia and Jennifer
Maredia, Jennifer, Jessica, Julianna, Madiline Abby, Grace.
maredia, Jessica and everyone else I Can't remember their names.
Jessica and Maredia
Jennifer, Maredia, and Becca

I am also thankful for my family!

Btw this is part of my church family not my real family!!!
This is my actual family!

I love my Mimi and Pappy!

Maredia, Mom, Dad, Mimi, Pappy, Micah Brianna, and Laurann.

When i was younger i took piano! A long time ago i went to piano state competition and got a superior 1!!!

Maredia, Grand Piano
This is not when I played I just thought this was cute!

When I went on a trip with my mom I was a model for a few days for my moms cousin!

This is my Favorite picture with the water in all.
I hope you like this picture because i almost fell of the rail and into the ocean for this picture!!!
I look kind of weird in this picture but I was still cute in it.
If only my hair only my hair wasn't in my face this picture would be a lot better!
I love this picture with the waves
My hair was so short then. I missed my long hair.
Again with the hair. Grrrrrrr!!!!!!
This is so close it is awkward
Me at the beach!

This was at my 21 girl sleepover for my birthday, never making that mistake agian that is until my sweet sixteen in two years!!!

Biggest birthday at my house ever and it was insane
You see how many of us there were! Too many!!!

This was when I got Baptized when I was seven!!!

Maredia, Dad
Maredia, Mom

Other pets I have pictures of!

Cinnamon and Snickerdoodle! They both aren't with us anymore
Momo died a few years ago but we know that he is in cat heaven praising God and playing with its siblings!

On the first day of school we always get a group picture!

Maredia Laurann, and Brianna!
This is this years so here is what me and my siblings look like now!

Thank you for actually reading this. I know it was really long but I promise they will not ever be this long. The name of my daily/every other daily post is... I dont know yet so comment below on what you think I should call it and/or choose one of these

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