Dr J S Rajkumar Miracle Treatment

The main operating surgeon Dr J S Rajkumar, senior consultant surgeon at Al Hayat, demonstrated a series of surgeries to the audience of surgeons, physicians, and resident doctors from The Royal Hospital, SQU Hospital, Armed Forces Medical Services, Atlas Hospital, KIMS, Badr al Sama, Starcare, MPH, etc.

Dr Rajkumar, present in the operation theatre, explained the surgical techniques and had a seamless interaction with an audience of keen peers in the conference room, via a two-way audio and video link.

The proceedings were moderated by Dr Faisal Alam, head, department of surgery, The Royal Hospital, Dr Taha al Lawati, surgical oncologist, The Royal Hospital, and Dr K P Raman. Active participants included Dr Hind Khalifa al Majrafi, senior specialist, The Royal Hospital, Dr Badar Aflah al Hadhrami, surgeon, The Royal Hospital, and Dr Riyaz Ahmed, senior consultant, The Royal Hospital

Dr Rajkumar demonstrated the mini gastric bypass surgery, the latest procedure for the control of obesity and diabetes; sleeve gastrectomy, and inguinal hernia; all performed laparoscopic ally (key-hole).