Catholic Social Teaching

By: William.H

Personhood: Created by God as a unique creation to inherit dignity

Ex. We can rule over other species with our dignity

Common Good: just,equitable distribution of resources ;respect for person, healthy interactions, peace and security

Ex. To love your neighbor as yourself

Solidarity: friendship/social charity; belonging to one another

Ex. A sports team/boy,girl scouts

Subsidiarity: those most affected by a decision should be the ones that alike It.

Ex. A President that makes a important decision that affects lots of people    

Saint Benedict

Exemplified Common Good: He respected his brother through good and bad times and always was there to help community and the poor. After barbarians attacked his monastery he helped clean up and rebuild.

Three ways a person can help in Northeast Kansas is to be kind to everybody and feed the poor and to give thanks to God for he is good

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