Buford high

This image reminds me of the time I saw a guy bot a gun. In the book the guys mom is in the hospitable sow tyray can not buy the gun.

The boy was beat up be for he bot the gun then hen looked in his poke for money and they took his money.

In this book he wont to change but he still want the gun. Be side the gym he got beat up by two guys. When he got to his house he tip toed in his bedroom and lad on the bed. He got beat up because he called to came to the gym so they can beat him up. His dad said get your grades up.   

I never got beat up be for. I have seen a fight be for. tyrays dad said I don't wont to see a bad report card. tyray got the fifth form a guy. He got set up to come at night sow he get beat up. When he got back up they took his money.                                                       

The boy comes out of school really to by that gun.

The boy comes out of the school really to by a gun. This reminds about the time I saw a guy walk out with a gun from the gun shop in bass pro. In marshalltown sometimes I here gun shots and In big city to. sometimes I see the same person that bot the gun shoot it at somebody. This is why if I bye a gun it is to shoot animal NOT people.  

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