Forms of Energy

By Edward Kim

Energy exists in many different forms. Some forms of energy are mechanical, thermal, electrical, chemical, sound, and light.


Mechanical energy is movement of an object to a destination, like walking to the water fountain, or driving to school. Whenever you move, basically, its mechanical energy.


Thermal energy is heat energy, which is not really formed but transformed, when the friction causes the molecules to move rapidly and therefore, to heat up. An example is a fire, like the one below.


Electrical energy is one of the most useful form of energy. Electricity is transmitted by forcing electrons of a molecule through a conductor, like wire. One way of using electricity is charging a phone.


Chemical energy is produced when a chemical compound is loosened or breaks, and when it does, a chemical reaction occurs. A chemical reaction can release heat, and we can harness that power for our everyday uses. Chemical energy powers tvs, and are even in batteries like the one below.


Sound energy are vibrations in the air that reaches our ears and vibrates our eardrum. The eardrum then signals the brain, and the brain "tells" you what it means. Sound is created when an item vibrates, or shakes. An example is when a drum is hit by drumsticks.


Light energy is natures way of sending energy through space. It is also what we use to see and interpret colors. Light energy has all seven colors of the rainbow inside it, so if an object is red, then the red part of light gets bounced back, and all the other colors gets absorbed


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