UTA Reflections

Janeth Hinojosa

  My first thoughts when I got to UTA was if the other Junior High's where going to be mean or nice to us.But, they were pretty nice to us. I even got to see some of my old friends. Also the part that I enjoyed the most was when I got to stand up and stretch , because I got really tired of sitting down.And I enjoyed when the science show was on , because I did not know they could do a science/magic show with science equipment.    

  Therefore i did not enjoy when we were sitting down asking questions, because i really wanted to have enough time for everything and i thought we were wasting time and i got really tired of just sitting and hearing people asking questions. the suggestions that i could make was to choose a date when it did not rain , because i was really bummed when we could not get a campus tour.

    I would consider to apply to UTA , the science program really looked very interesting. Also, because if i do apply it would be very close to my home and my parents cpould come and visit me or i could go and visit them.

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