Finally, A Place for the Rohingya Migrants to Call Home.

Since 2012, the Myanmar government have been issuing policies to rid Myanmar of the Rohingya people. Recently, the government has been shipping these refugees off in boats where they deprive them of food and water and many refugees die on these ships. The Rohingya migrants who have are believed to be stranded at sea might now be saved and have a temporary place to stay. Indonesia and Malaysia have offered to let 7,000 migrants stay in the countries as long as they relocate by next year. This is a very positive solution to a terrible problem. With Indonesia and Malaysia's help, the Rohingya can have a place to go after being kicked out of Myanmar. Many migrants have now gone to Indonesia and Malaysia seeking a new life and a place to start their lives over. This will greatly benefit the Rohingya Migrants. Even though Indonesia and Malaysia have a set number of refugees they're letting in and for a set amount of time, many other countries are helping the migrants as well and giving them temporary hospitality.

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This map is a map on Myanmar, a country also known as Burma who's government forcing the Rohingya out of their country.

This is a picture of one of the many crowded boats filled with refugees.
This is a photo taken of the sleeping quarters on one of the ships.
This picture is of the food that the refugees eat on the ships.
This is another picture of one of the crowded refugee ships
This is a picture of a few skinny, probably malnourished refugees sitting on the side of a boat.
This is a picture of stranded refugees on a makeshift boat.

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