Top Apps for Your Android Wear Smartwatch

There are some major tech companies like Sony, Asus, LG, Motorola, etc which are now showcasing their products in smartwatch market to embrace the Google's Android Wear operating system as the heart and soul of their device.

As the smartwatch industry is now facing challenges before the devices that get a shot of in becoming the regular fixture on wrist just because due to hardware limitations in the form of battery back up and also in syncing abilities and the software. Besides all these, we have sorted out some Android Wear apps that you can download right now and get most out of your Android Wear Smartwatch.

Google Keep:

Google Keep is an app which is easy to use and a must have for your smartwatch. This app lets users to directly dictate items to add on the list and check them off as it gets completed. This is a simple and is quite clean designed app that allows for easy reading and also it gives the quick access to your pending works. Its a free app that is a great companion for when you go to shopping and if the users have multiple tasks to do in a day.


The app Runkeeper which has been designed Android Wear smartwatche. It is simple running distance and pace calculator that renders the details about your running activity. This app has been designed in a simple way and also it suits the small smartwatch screen size. Users can easily activate this app to track their jogging and then the app provides them with updated real time info using its voice commands. This is a great app which is useful for anyone and for the one who keeps an eye on its progress during their running activity without pulling out their smartphone every time.

Google Maps:

Google Map App functions very well on any Android wear smartwatch which offers the great walking instructions through onscreen navigation and also the vibrating alerts for changing and instructions. With a proper voice assistant it makes the app useful in some cases you don't feel comfortable in pulling out smartphones in a busy street.

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