Amanda Garcia

1. I really love this logo because of how creative it is. The movie is called coffee and cigarettes and the logo embodies that literally. It's fairly simple, but it looks very appealing.

2. The Flying High Coffee logo is one of my favourites. It looks very vintage-y because of the colour scheme, but also uses futuristic characteristics.

3. The Walt Disney logo is iconic. You can recognize it immediately. It also looks good almost anywhere; shirts, mugs, hats.

4. The Jurassic Park logo is also very easily recognizable. It's very similar to the Disney logo, in that it looks good on anything as well.

5. The army logos from Ender's Game are some of my favourites as well. They have a very Aztec look to them and also look similar to plates. They're very simple and there also isn't a lot of blank space left.


B1. I don't like the ZooYork logo because it's not pleasant looking at all. It also looks kind of ghetto.

B2. This logo is probably meaningful to Marc Ecko, but to me it just looks really thoughtless. As if they just pick a random animal to put into an oval.

B3. I hate the font. I hate the colours. It doesn't look nice at all.

B4. Plain. Boring.

B5. I don't even like Bing to begin with. Their logo isn't pretty at all and looks like they just used the first font they found without even considering how aesthetically pleasing it was.

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